'Defining traceability for the Food & Fibre Supply chain'


iTRAK®is built on over 120 years of combined experience in agricultural production, marketing,and research, as well as veterinary science. This includes many years’ experience in livestock identification and traceability, having worked on the development of programs like NLIS, eNVD, microchipping animals and blockchain. This wealth of combined experience is focused on delivering the ‘future traceability platform’.

is a partnership of iTRAKassets Pty Ltd – a company focused on traceability design using AG-Tech to monitor & manage farming equipment & livestock and improve on-farm work health and safety – and Optibrand LLC – a US-based company that developed Retinal Scanning technology for use on humans & animals.

iTRAK® was the joint venture company formed and combines expertise drawn on Australia’s world leading livestock identification experiences and the technological know-how of Retinal Scanning from the US.
We are now synchronising Facial Recognition technology to create the unique iTRAK®ID solution.

Together, we are committed to delivering the Next Generation in livestock identification and traceability globally.