July 21, 2021
Livestock Traceability

'Lifetime Retinal Validation of Livestock'


The scanning the retina of livestock was started and validated some 20 years ago in the USA and now in Australia we are upgrading retinal scanning to provide a safe, secure and tamper-proof platform for livestock Identification.

iTRAK is delivering the 'Next Gen' of Livestock ID using retinal technology to deliver a 'Gold Standard' in traceability which cannot be tampered with.
Unlike livestock tags which can easily be removed in the event of theft and replaced with a 'new ID Tag' OR the loss of EID & Visual tags which occur regularly by being ripped out accidently (on average greater that 15% loss PA), the retinal scanning of livestock is for LIFE and is not unlike a fingerprint.
Or current trials have included working with day old calves through to adult cattle. Calves that have been scanned at just a day old have been validated weeks later with an accuracy of 98%+.
Once the trials on cattle are completed, we will commence fresh trials with sheep & pigs.


Stewart McConachy - Director - Food Fibre Trace Global Pty Ltd trading as iTRAK