May 11, 2021
Livestock Traceability

'Lifetime Retinal Validation of Livestock'

Our 'Lifetime Retinal Traceability of Livestock' solution will be the game changer in the validation of livestock identities worldwide.
Property owners can gain a ‘Lifetime Retinal Accreditation’ rating that validates the use of retinal traceability primarily as a validation of the identity of all their livestock and is a deterrent for livestock theft from their property.
Livestock have a retinal image scan (both retina’s) at birth or as near as possible or at induction onto the property, to provide ‘whole of life’ coverage (cannot be lost until dead) and gain a ‘Lifetime Retinal Certificate’.
The retinal identity can be linked to multiple identifiers such as EID tags to form a ‘Single Data Identity’.  ‘for life’ Just like a fingerprint, the retina is  and provides a guarantee of ownership whilst reducing livestock theft.
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Stewart McConachy - Director - Food Fibre Trace Global Pty Ltd trading as iTRAK