our people

stewart mcconachy

founding director - food fibre trace global

Stewart represents FoodFibreTrace (Aust) in our joint venture company - FOOD FIBRE TRACE GLOBAL.
Stewart is the inventor of multiple ‘Patents’ for innovative design, development, build and implementation that include: Automotive Jack, Portable Sheep/Cattle yards, Food & Fibre Trace-ability platform plus the first ‘eNVD’(electronic National Vendor Declaration) for Meat Livestock Australia.  Stewart has forty plus years in Sales, Marketing and Management of Private & Public companies plus various other roles including: Deputy Chair - Agribusiness Council of Australia, Committee member - Emerging Sensing Technologies Summit 2018 and is a Speaker on IoT at the Emerging Innovation Summit 2019 in Melbourne.

ralph v. switzer

founding Director - food fibre trace global

Ralph V Switzer represents Optibrand Ltd., LLC in our joint company - FOOD FIBRE TRACE GLOBAL.
Ralph currently serves as Chief Executive Officer and as Secretary of the Board of Managers.  He is a professor of finance in the College of Business at Colorado State University and has been an adjunct professor in the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at Colorado State University; he has published articles in more than 30 business journals.  Ralph has extensive experience in starting and developing companies prior to co-founding Optibrand Ltd., LLC, including one IPO traded on NASDAQ and three sold to large public companies.  He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and a Juris Doctorate degree in Law from the University of Illinois.

lee leachman

chairman - food fibre trace global

Lee is the independent Chairman of FOOD FIBRE TRACE GLOBAL.
Lee operates Leachman Cattle of Colorado in Fort Collins, CO.  The company annually markets over 2000 bulls.  The company’s strength is found in its data-based selection systems that are driven by a 1.3 MM animal, multi-breed database.  Genomically enhanced EPDs on over 20 traits are estimated weekly through an alliance with Zoetis.  Leachman then provides these data analysis services to seedstock breeders that utilize Leachman’s proprietary $Profit index system.   Leachman is also heavily involved in the North American beef semen market with its custom semen collection center, Rocky Mountain Sire Services, and its semen marketing division that markets semen to beef and dairy producers.  Lee has served in a number of industry leadership positions at breed associations, trade organizations, and most recently as the 2018 President of the Beef Improvement Federation.Website - https://www.leachman.com/

Peter lubcke

technical manager - iot, gps tracking & Communications

Peter brings  41 years’ experience in the Telecommunications industry and a wealth of knowledge in Telephony, LAN, WAN and WIFI Networks to FOOD FIBRE TRACE GLOBAL. Peter has worked on multiple R&D projects including working with Biometric livestock tags a multiple inst. Peter was instrumental in the design of the Live Export project which monitors the health of livestock on export journeys - remotely.

Matt Makin

Veterinary Advisor

Matt is on the board of FoodFibreTrace (Aust) and is currently the Managing Director of Reach Agri in Timboon,Victoria which is a consultancy business  specialising in Animal Health & Nutrition.
Matt has been a former National President of the Australian Veterinary Association, plus a Mayor/ Councillor on the Corangamite Shire (Western Victoria) and brings experience in the governance and the  regulatory requirements facing the agriculture

James Allen


James takes a practical approach to delivering strategic advisory & accounting services to FOOD FIBRE TRACE GLOBAL
Having been born and raised on the family farm in rural South Australia and remaining actively involved in the management of his family’s business.
James has a deep understanding of agribusiness and rural issues.