Lifetime LIVESTOCK traceability

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Secure your livestock from theft with the 'GOLD STANDARD' in Traceability with Retinal ID - the eYES have it....


Scanning the retina of livestock for ID was started and validated some 20 years ago in the USA and now in Australia.
we are now upgrading retinal scanning to provide a safe, secure and tamper-proof platform to for livestock Identification PLUS we are integrating with other technologies to deliver a commercial speed to meet industry standards.
trials have included working with day old calves through to adult cattle and the validation process is working extremely well.
Once we have finalised all our trials with cattle we will then commence looking at Sheep & pigs as the next challenge.

BEEF or DAIRY - herd of 160 to 300 head - when required - NOW

SHEEP - mob of 200 head - when required - NOW

PIGS - 10 - 30 head - when required - FEBUARY 2022

We would like to hear from producers that would are prepared to take part in trials on a larger scale and we welcome your support.
For more information and to register your interest in participating just email to:
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Just like a fingerprint, the retina is ‘for life’ and provides a guarantee of ownership whilst reducing livestock theft - 'NO TAG, NO WORRIES'