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Retinal Identification of livestock delivers an unrivalled validation and traceability solution.


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at iTRAK We are constantly trialling new innovations to assist the food supply chain.


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Researching, developing and building a better future for the Food & Fibre industry. 

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'Lifetime Retinal Validation of Livestock' - NO TAG - NO WORRIES


Did you know? A big part of what Food Fibre Trace Global is known for is our R&D capabilities? 

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Over 100 years of experience

We know,  it's quite a lot - but we pride ourselves on having over 100 years of experience in the Communications, Agriculture & the IT sector.
This experience helps deliver real innovations to the Food, Fibre sectors plus the wider communities.

What does ITRAK do?

about the food & fibre sector

iTRAK is a registered business of Food Fibre Trace Global Pty Ltd which is a joint venture company between FoodFibreTrace Pty Ltd (IP holders of traceability software) and Optibrand LLC (Patent holders of Retinal technology), ‘Retinal Traceability of Livestock’ with a goal of building a unique platform of globally.
Our platform is based on a traceability ‘superhighway’ that utilise sensor technology to gather data automatically which reduces the potential errors of human data input. 

The first step in building any structure is to establish a ‘SOLID FOUNDATION’ to build your structure.
We all hear the standard ‘Paddock to Plate’ or ‘Field to Fork’ anthems, but the current methods of traceability are inadequate.
They predominantly start further up the supply chain and they are only building components of the traceability platform. 

'You can't build anything of strength by starting without a foundation or the structure will fail’

Our 'Lifetime Retinal Traceability of Livestock' solution will be the game changer in the validation of livestock identities worldwide.

Property owners can gain a ‘Lifetime Retinal Accreditation’ rating that validates the use of retinal traceability primarily as a validation of the identity of all their livestock and is a deterrent for livestock theft from their property.

Livestock have a retinal image scan (both retina’s) at birth or as near as possible or at induction onto the property, to provide ‘whole of life’ coverage (cannot be lost until dead) and gain a‘Lifetime Retinal Certificate’. The retinal identity can be linked to multiple identifiers such as EID tags to form a ‘Single Data Identity’.  

Just like a fingerprint, the retina is ‘for life’ and provides a guarantee of ownership whilst reducing livestock theft.

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'Lifetime Retinal Validation of Livestock'

Livestock Traceability
Make sure you provide your livestock with a 'Lifetime Retinal Certificate' now.

ClearView® Retinal Diagnostics solution

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‘ClearView®2’ is the leading diagnostic solution using retinal diagnose for ‘companion animals'.

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