Independent Chair - iTRAK®
October 25, 2021

Independent Chair appointed to FOOD FIBRE TRACEGLOBAL trading as iTRAK®.

It is with great pleasure that we announce Lee Leachman as our Independent Chair to iTRAK®

Lee operates Leachman Cattle of Colorado in Fort Collins, CO.  The company annually markets over 2000 bulls.  The company’s strength is found in its data-based selection systems that are driven by a 1.3 MM animal, multi-breed database.  Genomically enhanced EPDs on over 20 traits are estimated weekly through an alliance with Zoetis.  Lee then provides these data analysis services to seedstock breeders that utilize Leachman’s proprietary $Profit index system.  Lee is also heavily involved in the North American beef semen market with its custom semen collection center, Rocky Mountain Sire Services, and its semen marketing division that markets semen to beef and dairy producers.  Lee has served in a number of industry leadership positions at breed associations, trade organizations, and most recently as the 2018 President of the Beef Improvement Federation. Website -